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Healing is the start and the end of the journey

Many of us struggle throughout our lives dealing with unwanted behaviors and addictions, feelings of inferiority or unworthiness, unhealed traumas, and many other issues. We often fight those unwanted traits without much success and often live our lives in constant tension. What is surprising is that those traits are rarely the real issue, they are usually an expression of a deeper, hidden and wounded aspect of ourselves. Embark with me in a deep journey through your being, where we will explore and heal these issues. – Guillermo Molano

  • Boost and repair your self-esteem
  • heal traumas
  • Overcome addictions
  • Relieve chronic anxiety
  • Overcome negative self talk
  • Cure phobias
  • Overcome negative beliefs
  • Improve your relationships
  • Learn to respond well to criticism
  • And many other issues

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Training and CertificationBecome a successful Coach

Big Tree Coaching offers training and certification to become a coach. This is an online training, and it includes a certificate, as well as professional support after the training has finished to help you get started in your own practice.

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Guillermo Molano
Master Coach

Guillermo has been my clinical partner for many years. Within the community his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine & NLP coaching are in constant demand. This rare ability to treat both the body & mind holistically has proven to be transformative for our patients. I cannot overstate his intelligence, his capacity for caring, or his passion for excellence. He has a genius for unlocking human potential and for maximizing the capacity of any business venture. Place yourself in his capable hands, and you’ll always be rewarded for your choice.

John Blue, MAOM – Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine